A quick note on victim blaming

I didn’t write this but thought it worthwhile sharing.

Every woman I know would a) like to be able to walk the streets at night feeling safe and b) knows that that’s not the reality.

However, it’s impractical to expect women to NEVER be out at night on their own for any period of time. Most women I know consider the perceived risks and make their decisions accordingly, always with the intention of NOT getting raped and murdered. It’s called a calculated risk. And the majority of the time everything goes fine. Which reinforces the belief that that risk calculation is pretty accurate.

It’s a lot like driving. We all know there are risks involved, but we choose to take them and try and minimise them as best we can. However, if someone is in an accident, the first thing that is said is ‘Oh my god, are you ok?’ not ‘You shouldn’t have driven, there are all sorts of idiots on the road, it’s too risky’. Even if the accident was their fault they’re not chastised for deciding to take the risk to drive.

Women should NEVER be chastised or blamed for the 1 in [insert statistic] chance when something goes wrong. We’re not idiots, but often a calculated risk is/needs to be taken for the sake of leading a relatively normal fucking life. MOST of the time it works out just fine. On the occasion that it doesn’t, don’t remind us to be careful. It’s like telling everyone never to drive.

Author: gotheek

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