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I hope you are doing well and busy in lots of business Opportunity.

It’s “with lots of business opportunities” or nothing else. If you’re going to write to me, at least make sure your English grammar is correct.

SEO is dead as we know it. The old math of increased backlinks and stuffing keywords is now a target for Google to identify your site and bury it in the search results.

Funny you mention that as your title was “Affordable SEO services”. If it’s dead then why are you selling me SEO services? Make your mind up. Furthermore, backlinks and stuffing keywords as you put it have always really been a target. Google has a preference for easy to use, real content which reads well and is well designed to be useable and user-friendly.

SEO is no longer a math problem, it’s a human one. Social indicators are becoming key to ranking and link
algorithms are being retired. It’s time for you to see the truth about SEO… and adjust accordingly.

SEO has never been about math. It’s about getting content and working out a way to predict the things people typed into their web browsers to find websites they wanted to. The only math involved, I would hazard to guess, is around the fees organisations like yours will charge for the aforementioned keyword stuffing and backlinks.

So, here we got a customised Internet Marketing Proposal for you.

Here it comes!

Here below are the content marketing activities “Monthly Task and responsibilities”

Yep. Thought so. What a list!

1. 200 mannual directory submission

Here’s your typing errors again. And if there’s more than one, it’s submissions, plural.

2. 100 article Submission (2 unique article content *20 article directories)

See above. You’re not filling me with enthusiasm for your services, I have to say. If you’re going to do directory and article submissions, they have to be meaningful and with accurate grammar in order to make the point that my service should be used rather than anyone else’s. If the English is wrong, then I wouldn’t use it and wouldn’t expect a potential client to use it either.

3. 1 Press realease, 400+ words written

Is that like a coffee machine. A Press Real Ease? Sounds like a great new product.

4. 2 Unique Article will be written

Plural again. You’re not good at this are you?

5. 1 facebook Pages will be created

Singluar this time. One “something” doesn’t get an “s” on the end.

6. 1 Twitter channels will be created

See above. Boring I know, but grammar is grammar! Oh, and Youtube have channels. Twitter has profiles. Small difference, but meaningful.

7. will increase twitter followers

In order to increase twitter followers, I have to have something that’s actually meaningful, worthwhile and interesting for people to follow. Just because you have a twitter profile doesn’t mean someone’s going to just follow!

8. will likes, shares, tweets, reddits, and 1+ in order to get natural backlinks

If I’m paying you for it, then it’s not a natural backlink. And Google is pretty savvy with this stuff after 15 years or so of operations. Do you really think you can beat the dragon to the gold?

9. Anchor text diversity (will not use Exact keywords for backlinks).

Oh, this old chestnut. Diversity in anchor text being the “click here” and “for more information” and things like that. That’s semi-valuable I’m sure, but nowhere near as good as quality content on the website.

10. will get Natural backlinks by link worthy articles

So you’re saying I have to put my content on other websites in order to get links back to my own site. This sounds amazingly counter-intuitive. What’s actually wrong with having content that people are actually interested in? Furthermore, the sites that the backlinks come from have to be relevant to the content.

11. Will draft & submit 2 articles to

Oh, wow. That’s a quality website if ever I saw one. And if I think that, then Google probably does too. Damn the torpedoes, full speed ahead! Oh, that was sarcasm by the way.

12. will create Google+ page for your business

Well done! You almost got something right! Right now, somewhere in the universe, there is confetti falling from the roof and balloons rising. Except that you need an “a” between “create” and “Google+”.

13 will distribute 5 post daily via Google+ Page

Will you? What on? There needs to be content that’s of interest. Then there needs to be people following and in the google circles. And then people have to be interested enough to visit the main website.

It’s all about the content.

14. will participate in Forum

What forum? The light and fantastic potato peelers?

15. will create blog for your website

Sounds good. Will you be writing the content?

16. will make 1 post per week on your blog

What expertise do you actually have in the things I specialise in? Will you research and write interesting content that will encourage people to visit or will it just be a bunch of “buy this please” text, stuffed with the aforementioned keywords?

17. will bookmark real content to leading 100 Social Bookmarking sites as digg, delicious

So who creates this mythical beast that is “real content”. And I’d suggest that this is perhaps not the most useful way of getting the word out; Digg and Delicious are a bit old hat these days; Twitter and Facebook are the two big ones, and Reddit is pretty big too. You should look at this XKCD map of the internet, it’ll help you a lot with research in this area.

18. will submit your website to 10 leading Webdirectories as

Open directory project sounds interesting, but how indeed will this help my burgeoning business? Google is the single biggest search engine in the western world and, according to Wikipedia, it’s not using dmoz anymore.

On-Page work activities “Follow only first month”

Is this a number or a new paragraph with additional services? If it’s the former, then it needs a number, and if the latter, then the following numbers have to start at 1 again. It’s simple (unless, I admit, you’re using MS word which has never fixed this numbering issue). What in-fact is an On-Page work activity? Follow only first month sounds a bit odd.

19. Meta tags/Title tag changes

Good grief! You’re trying to sell me meta and title tags! Title tags are of use to visitors, but again, you need to have the content on the website in the first place.

20. Keyword research/Analysis

Back on SEO again. If it’s dead then why sell me it?

21. Competitor Analysis

Okay, this might be fun. At the email you sent this to, our organisation has no competitors whatsoever in the whole of Australia. Why? Because we’re a community organisation in a very specific sector. Net effect of this would be to tell us what we already know. If you’re talking about the web design business I run, then I know for a fact there’s at least a bazillion competitors. Also pointless.

22. Analysis by our Paid SEOMoz Program

Yeah, monitor all the social networks and website visits in one place. Not a bad idea, but the cost is a bit cough-worthy. $99 a month! Pull the other one!

23. Heading tag changes

24. Alt tag changes

Why bother? Heading tags are sometimes useful, (they appear at the top of the browser when you open the page, and as the link in Google results) but you still need content to back them up. Google doesn’t bother with alt tags.

25. Interlinking wherever required.

I think you mean hyperlinking. Get your terminology right.

26. Keyword density in site content.

This means you’re going to stuff my content full of words in order to get hits in Google. Except Google algorithms are smarter than that. They look for readability as well, so stuffing a keyword into text that’s got lots of keywords in it doesn’t help keyword readability, it keyword just makes keyword text keyword impossible keyword to read keyword, keyword, keyword.

27. HTML Site Map

It would be an xml sitemap actually, and whether this is of any use is debateable with Google.

28. XML site map and Submission in webmaster tool

Well, actually you’d be talking about Google Webmaster, which is free, and perhaps Bing webmaster tools (also free). Why I’d pay you for this is beyond me. Perhaps you’re trying to capitalise on people who don’t know this stuff. If so, SHAME ON YOU!

29. Robots.Txt File creation Extra work activities

Robots.txt is for allowing or disallowing robots (which are software which checks through websites) to visit or index a website. If you don’t have one, Google (and presumably Bing) will just index merrily away. What “extra work activities” means is not forthcoming from your item, above. Please consider giving more information so’s not to confuse people.

30. Google Webmaster tool

See above. It’s free.

31. Google Analytics

Google Analytics is also free. It’ll help monitor visitors, and display graphs of how people visited a website and all sorts of other interesting information that’s pretty useful. However, why I need this AND your handy-dandy $99 per month tool is yet to materialise. Perhaps it’s so you can rip me off help me out with my poor website.

32. Html to text ratio optimization

What in god’s name does this mean? HTML is what websites are written in. Even the text that goes onto the page is written between HTML tags, so this point is utterly meaningless. And if my website is designed in Flash, then it’s beyond help regardless as Google might be able to index the text, but other search engines certainly will have difficulties.

33. Keyword Prominence

In what? A slab of gorgonzola? What are you talking about? Perhaps you’re talking about whacking keywords all in a single point in the website in order to make Google think the site is much more important. That worked well for BMW back in 2006. Or perhaps you’re talking about something else? Well, be very careful because Google owns the search engine market in the western world (and much of it in China), so if you make websites appear high in their search results by nefarious means, expect a stern response. You might consider some white-hat SEO instead, but again, the biggest way to get a website to appear high in search results is by putting content on the pages that is of interest to visitors. You might want to have a look at the google webmaster guidelines for the Do’s and Don’t’s of SEO, it might make things a bit easier for you, and your poor customers.

If you have any query, we will be more than happy to provide you our quick assistance.

You’ve got your plurals around the wrong way again. Query is singular and means one of something. In this context the word would be “queries” and implies more than one question as suggested by the structure of the sentence. And it would be “quick assistance” not “our quick assistance”. While seemingly accurate as it would be you giving the assistance, the way you’ve written this means that it’s an item. Quick assistance is a service, not something you hand around like a lump of blue-tack.

Kind & Regards,

Yep, same to you Simran. Keep up the good work. No, really.

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I won’t honour the last sentence with a remark, other than this:

Right of response

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