Akismet – filtering the spam from the comments

A neat built-in plugin that comes with every installation of WordPress is Akismet.

What it does is filter comments that are made to your website as compared to a master system on the akismet servers. This will catch the vast majority of comment form SPAM. You can read more about the Akismet service on their website.

To get it working, go to the Plugins panel and Installed. There at the top of the list is Akismet. Just click Activate.

Next, you need a key, which you can get from wordpress.com by creating a new wordpress account here. At this point, it’s unlikely you need a blog, so click just a username please at the bottom!

You’ll be sent an email with the API Key for Akismet, which you enter by clicking Plugins and Akismet Configuration, and pasting the code into the field near the top and clicking Update Options. If all goes well, everything will go green!

Thanks to the wonderful Akismet people for this great system.

Author: gotheek

Sometime writer, full time human.