Better now

What a weekend.

It started unpleasantly, and got worse. I had a sore throat Friday night which didn’t shift on Saturday and by 4pm had turned into a cold.

Sunday there was more cold. However, there was a message from my gorgeous partner to brighten my day, and my worries had been unfounded: all was well.

By Sunday evening the majority of the snot and feverishness were at a peak. At about 3am that night the fever broke and I was able to sleep without dreaming Really Weird Stuff.

Take this one for example:

I’m walking through Bunnings hardware and there is a man with a beard belligerently cutting electrical cables on his hands and knees with a gun. No sawing motion, just a gunshot when he wanted to cut the cable.

I retreated to the electrical section and mentioned the man to one of the assistants. I also said – get this – that the man was my partner?! I mean, What The Fuck?!

I ended up in a car with my partner, my Real One and it turned out we were driving out of Chadstone shopping hell centre, me in the drivers seat and them in the passenger. Only they were ALSO my partner from 15 years ago.

I subscribe to the idea that everyone in your dream is a part of your own personality.

The man with the gun… the Bearded Belligerent Man With A Gun was and still is a bit of a concern. My partner being my current AND ex is another interesting spin, though this is easier to understand: my current partner is, to date, my longest relationship in 10 years, and the one I’d really quite like to spend many many more years with. My former partner was in the same boat and, except for a single major mistake on my part, we would probably still be together now. We haven’t seen each other in years though, and they are living their life hopefully to its full potential.

My current partner is re-entering my life tomorrow for dinner and a movie, and best of all, a sleepover! I’m dancing on the inside!

Author: gotheek

Sometime writer, full time human.