Book submission


I took a risk today with The World’s Greatest Writing Competition. I created an account, wrote a synopsis for the book (based on an earlier version) but it was 1000 words, then had to write a new one to meet the 250 word limit:

In occupied Melbourne, the British and Russian work with gumshoe Donnie Penfolde to retrieve nuclear weapons stolen by Madame Pink and Monsieur Bleu. Meanwhile, The Consortium, a group of multinational businesses that funded the invasion to retrieve the nukes is after Freddy McWarwickson, ex-pope and media personality who owns the rights to Christianity after it fell on hard times after one too many claims for compensation. The Consortium wants to dominate the world through ownership of all religions, The British and Russians want their Nukes back and Donnie just wants to survive the next few days without being shot at or blown up. With operatives of The Church of Elvis, Miss Rook of The Sisterhood and a shadowy figure known only as “L” (and her miniature snow-leopard), Donnie works to avoid the nukes being blown up, taking the city with it. But they are all working without the full facts: that Pink and Bleu are going to trigger the nukes to destroy orbiting weapons which have been causing planet-wide conflict for decades.

Anyway, the first chapter is in, and in its finally final form. If that makes sense. We’ll see what happens next.

In other news, there’s more sponsored tech reviews coming soon! So that’s okay.

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