Book update: Insanity Edit is GO.



Some news on the book.

So it’s got a title finally. It went through a few iterations, including “Insert Name Here”, “Fuck Knows”, “Shit, Meet Fan”, “Hot Cell” and “Happy Landings”. The one I’ve settled on is “Don’t Get Ahead of Yourself”, which when you finally read the book will be a Pun; you’ll like it, trust me.

Next thing that’s happened is that the final big changes in the “Sanity Edit” branch (version 7 for those keeping count) were completed a fortnight ago; these included repositioning of scenes and lots of rewrites, and the addition of a subplot which will become crucial for book two.

Yes, I’m going to do this ALL AGAIN.

That is, once the Insanity Edit is complete (version 8; by rights should be called 7.1, but I’m not going down that path; it’s confusing enough as it is). Here I’ll be making small changes for flow and grammar.

This job was delayed last week by a monumentally bad virus which wiped me out for 3 days, and kept me exhausted for another four. Today I started work again. So “Yay” me.

My major stumbling block though is the Synopsis. I can’t send the chapters out without one. And as an olympic-grade Procrastinator, the Synopsis is my Broccoli; but I have to get off my arse as technology is beginning to catch-up with the science fiction of the book. So it’ll be topical. When it’s published. Which it won’t be unless I can write the damn synopsis.

Something for the tech geeks: I’m writing the synopsis in eMacs, the Thermonuclear text editor. Getting used to the commands has been interesting, and I’m actually hoping they’ll be enough to distract me from the fact I don’t know what to put into the Synopsis.

I promise to have it done by Christmas. Which is… Crap… less than 3 weeks away.

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