Booklet printing using a Mac and a fujixerox docuprint cm 305 df

Too Long, Didn’t read (TL;DR)

Don’t bother. Get a cheap single side printer and manually feed the pages in (instructions at the bottom).

Long version

I’ve spent almost three hours trying to get my mac and my Docuprint CM305DF printer to print out a double-sided booklet.

The Perpetrator

This was supposed to be a one-step process.

Step 1: rearrange the pages so they’re in the right order and print.

So, I downloaded Adobe Acrobat, and that did the rearrangement just fine.

But the printer insisted upon printing single sided.

Maybe it was a software issue?

After some quick research, I found Create Booklet, which I paid $12AU for. It’s a nice, simple piece of software which will take your document and rearrange the pages so they’ll print as a booklet. You can print directly or save the booklet for later.

But the printer still insisted on printing single sided. Not only that, it demanded I use the manual feed slot. And when I did, it STILL printed single sided.

Step two: work out what’s going wrong with the printer

This is the part that took the time.

The document was A4, like the printer was set to, so there was no logical issue. And yet, there it was, refusing to print.

Maybe it was because it’s a Saturday and it felt it should be out getting drunk with its mates, not being press-ganged into printing my booklet? Perhaps an existential protest: I’m just a printer, is there no more to life?

There are three different machines in use here: a Ubuntu 14.04 netbook, a white 2008 Macbook and a 2012 Macbook pro.

All of which had the same issue: manual feed, single side only.

Maybe the drivers were out of whack?

Nope. I tried with official Fuji-Xerox drivers and the bog-standard Generic Postscript Driver. No amount of uninstalling and reinstalling the printer worked.

In desperation, I tried to print from USB.

This at least gave me some useful (if perplexingly irritating) information: the page size was wrong. It would print single side NO PROBLEM. But the duplexer said a resounding “Nope” to printing double-sided.

And again, the PDF page size was identical to that of the printer: A4 all the way.

Step three: Old school

Finally I lost patience with the printer and went old-school.

Double-sided printing the “old school” method is simple as long as you remember where you are.

First, you print the odd pages.

Then you manually reverse the page order, putting first printed on top and following down (you could reverse the print order if you’re really clever).

DO NOT change the page orientation. Flip the sheets over along the short edge, not the long, otherwise you’ll print the next pages upside down.

Next, put the pages back in the printer tray so the blank page is in the right direction to print on (in the case of the Docuprint, that’s blank page up).

Finally, print even pages.

And you’re done.

Step four: consider why you spent $500 on a duplex printer

This was not a cheap printer. It’s a multifunction of course and will do scan, print and fax, in colour no less, so that certainly increased the price.

But all I wanted to do was print a double sided booklet. And it’s taken almost three hours.

As I had to resort to manually handling the paper, I could have just bought a cheap arse Brother single side monochrome printer for under $100 and left it at that.

In short: Not Happy Jan.

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