Breaking News: Hell has frozen over

I’ve just signed-up for Broadband ADSL2+ with Optus. What I’m laughingly calling my Vodafone internet account has been knackered for almost 3 weeks now, with no sign of them fixing it. I’m up for MASSIVE bills if I exceed quota.

Why didn’t I go with TPG or iiNet?

TPG wouldn’t do naked DSL. It seems the Hellstra exchange is out of ADSL2+ nodes. As a good friend said, why the hell should Hellstra upgrade the exchanges for other companies? A good point.

TPG can only do ADSL accounts. Fine, I thought, give me one of them.

To get an ADSL account, I have to get a phone line attached, with an ongoing charge of $40 per month line rental for a service I won’t ever use. This is fundamentally pointless.

iiNet had no-one available to take my call, due to gearing down over Christmas to ensure they maintained their high-standard of service during the rest of the year. This isn’t a great change from the last time I tried to call iiNet about a net-related issue.

I have an iPhone with Optus. So, I thought, I wonder what they can do for me.

It turns out, quite a lot actually. $49.95 gives me:

  • 21GB for 12 months (14GB on-peak, 7GB off) , down to 14GB (7 by 7) in the second year
  • Naked ADSL2+
  • No up-front fee (well, it’s included on the first bill which is cool by me)
  • Linked to the mobile account
  • Speed limited if I get close to quota with messages to warn me

I’ve signed up. And I’m not going to apologise for it. I’m truly a different person now.

So say we all…

Author: gotheek

Sometime writer, full time human.