Have been feeling quite ‘meh’ about work and other related things.

There’s a feeling of boredom with it all, a feeling of crumpling under the pressure I’ve created for myself.
It’s been like this a couple of weeks now. Course, I’ve had a lot of other things on the go at the same time, a new course, an organisation to manage, involvement with another… doesn’t sound like much to be honest, but I’m feeling the effects of working mad for 3 months and now having trouble keeping up the motivation when I’m back doing these things.
Perhaps it’s a side-effect of just going at this hammer-and-tong for so long and being the typical person I am and trying to do it all myself. Right now though, I’ve got something that works. I run meetings once a month and that’s it. Mid-year when the study stops for term break I’ll have a bit of time to draw a few new people in. Should be fun really!
What I do want to do is keep this going though. I’ve invested far too much and it’s a good group. Losing that would be a waste, so to maintain the base minimum is important. And that means a once a week dip back into it. Not so much to be sure.
Maybe I should get checked for iron levels or something? Rest more? Gah, who knows?
I’ve been writing more though which is one of the bright balancey things I have in my favour. And my relationship doth blossom which is nice. Who knows where we’ll be this time next year? It’s a great and grand adventure, and we’re both happy which is a nice feeling to have.
But for now, I shall return to making my dinner and perhaps have an early night with paper and pen, writing to my partner.

Author: gotheek

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