Printing postcards on the Xerox CM305DF printer

209px-Albion_Press,_1830s_woodcut_by_George_BaxterThis is potentially a bit of a hack, and not the way to print postcards.

However, it worked for me so I’m documenting for future reference.

  • On the printer: Settings > Tray > Tray1 > Paper > Thick Card
  • On the computer:Print the document
  • On the printer:  when it goes bananas, open tray 1, and close tray 1
  • Wait for your page to print.

Viola! Sorted!


Booklet printing using a Mac and a fujixerox docuprint cm 305 df

Too Long, Didn’t read (TL;DR)

Don’t bother. Get a cheap single side printer and manually feed the pages in (instructions at the bottom).

Long version

I’ve spent almost three hours trying to get my mac and my Docuprint CM305DF printer to print out a double-sided booklet.

The Perpetrator

This was supposed to be a one-step process. Continue reading “Booklet printing using a Mac and a fujixerox docuprint cm 305 df”

Email signature setup

Procedure/Process/Policy pages.

Adding email signatures

Use the following instructions to add an email signature in your email programme:

Nice paypal button lite

One of the things that’s irritating to set-up is a payments button for goods and services. In order to do this, you need a Paypal merchant account, which then gives you access to product set-up screens and code to download and embed into your website.

If you’re after a full-function shopping-cart, you can install a number of different systems, such as Shopify which is billed as “Australia’s ecommerce leader”.

But sometimes you just need to sell a single thing, like I did on my blog,

The buy me a coffee panel in the sidebar works thanks to the Nice Paypal Button Lite, which is a WordPress plugin.

Once installed on a wordpress site, you need to:

First, get a paypal account

Next set-up your paypal button (by going to your dashboard, and choosing Settings > Nice Paypal Button Lite) – you’ll just need to add your paypal account email address.

Finally create your shortcode (which isn’t as hard as it sounds).

You start with this one:

[nicepaypallite name=”WordPress Coffee Mug” amount=”12.50″]

All you have to do is add your item name in the first quotes, and how much you want for it in the second. Then paste the code into a post, a page or a text widget.

And you’re off!

Thanks for this great plugin goes to TriniTronic.


HRM Work Tracking plugin: getting it working

Complexity: Medium (You need to muck around with a configuration file)

The HRM Work Tracking plugin allows you to set your intended hours for a month and track them whenever you log into your WordPress system. It’s the only work tracking plugin we’ve found that doesn’t require a full-blown project management system to run.

It’s tricky however to get the language correct. HRM ‘out of the box’ is set to a German which is okay except that some WordPress installs don’t have language explicitly set. When this happens, the language in the plugin is in German and the only way you can get it to English is to change a configuration file.

To fix you need:

  • An FTP application (we use Filezilla for windows, mac or ubuntu, or Cyberduck for the mac)
  • Your username and password to your wordpress domain

Note: While you could change the configuration file in WordPress, this way is NOT RECOMMENDED; if you make a mistake there’s no Undo.

First you need to find your wpconfig.php file. This is found in the top level FTP directory. Open this and scroll down to the following section:

// Change this to localize WordPress. A corresponding MO file for the
 // chosen language must be installed to wp-includes/languages.
 // For example, install to wp-includes/languages and set WPLANG to 'de'
 // to enable German language support.
 define ('WPLANG', '');

Between the single quotes, enter


And now save.

Next you have to:

  • deactivate the plugin
  • log out of WordPress
  • log back into WordPress
  • reactivate the plugin

And at this point, the language will be set.


Register Plus Redux plugin

The Register Plus Redux plugin can be really helpful if your site is being inundated with spam users.

You can download the register plus redux plugin by clicking here.

Access the unverified users system

First, log into your website.

Second, find Users and click Unverified Users.

Once the page has loaded, you’ll see a bunch of users who have applied to be on the system.

Working out who is good or bad

In the below screenshot there are a number of suspicious and outright spammy users.

which users are good and which are bad?

  • Jazzy91 looks legitimate though – as the username and email are similar.
  • Justin Floyd and Kate Clendon are legitimate: their username and emails match.

Click DELETE for:

  • users who have random characters for their usernames
  • users whose username and email look odd.

Be Wary of users with:

  • hotmail addresses
  • yahoo addresses
  • gmail addresses
  • addresses with seemingly random characters before the @

Note: These addresses are often hijacked by different systems and used for nasty purposes.

Approve users

  • Select the user then click Approve

Note: you can also multi-select by ticking each item, then in the Bulk Actions drop-down list, choosing Approve. Then click Apply

Roundcube: Change your email signature

Note: This is for people who use webmail and the Roundcube email management system.

First, log into your email account.

Click Roundcube.

In the Mail window, look to the top right, click roundcube settings

In the Settings panel, click Identities and in the Identities panel, click your name and email address

In the Edit item panel. scroll down to the Signature and make whatever changes you wish.

Then click Save.

Return to your mail by clicking Mail, to the left of roundcube settings.