Change my personal details

Each client of Tall Poppy Digital has a personal profile page. You can edit your personal profile by clicking here.

wp-crm-primary-informationPrimary Information

We ask that you add details to the following fields and keep these up-to-date. These will allow us to contact you easily should the need arise.

In the Primary Information panel (you may need to scroll down to see this), please enter the following information.

  • User Email
  • Company
  • Phone Number
  • IM (instant messenger) if you have one

When you’re done, scroll back down and on the right of the screen, click Update.

wp-crm-billingBilling/Invoicing Info

To update your billing and invoicing information, scroll down and on the bottom right, you’ll find where you can make changes.

This information is used in invoices from Tall Poppy Digital to your business, and so should be kept up-to-date.

Once you’re finished, click the update button.

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