Cosmos 2014

Cosmos with Neil deGrasse Tyson starts in 2014 on Fox. This may be meaningless to many people, but for science-geeks, it’s brilliant news.

The original Cosmos was written by Dr. Carl Sagan and premiered on PBS in 1980. A thirteen episode discussion and history lesson in human scientific revelation introduced Sagan’s enthusiastic scientist to the world and arguably was the blueprint for science shows that followed (with the potential exception of anything done by David Attenborough).

There was a special edition of the series released in the early 90’s and it made its way onto video and DVD not long after (in two differing box-sets, much to the consternation of this fan of the series).

Cosmos 2014 – I’ve added the year to make it easier to follow – has physicist Neil deGrasse Tyson standing in for the late, great Sagan (who died in 1996 just before the movie of his book Contact came out). A fellow New Yorker, deGrasse Tyson actually met Dr. Sagan when he was looking for a university, picking Harvard instead of Sagan’s Cornell. Tyson has a lot of visibility in the press and TV, appearing on the Colbert Report and is director of the Hayden Planetarium.

The series has only a trailer at the moment, but is supported by Sagan’s widow (and co-writer of the original series) Ann Druyan, and produced by Seth MacFarlane of Family Guy fame. The only thing that makes my skin crawl a little is that it’s on Fox, which will give it plenty of money but could put it at risk of scheduling pre-empting and canning due to the whims of management (see also anything by Joss Whedon).

Something to look forward to? You be the judge:

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