Dentists Email Lists 2013

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Subject: Dentists Email Lists 2013
Date: Thu, 12 Sep 2013 02:23:19 +0530
From: Erica <>


Would you be interested in acquairing our Dentists Email Lists 2013 ?

Would I be interested in what?

I’m assuming you’re asking me if I want to acquire the dentist email list?

In short no.

which includes complete contact details and verified email addresses of :

* Dental Surgeons,
* Dental Principal/Partners,
* Practice/Business Managers,
* Dental Nurses,
* Dental Hygienists,
* Dental Therapists
* Laboratory Owners
* Dental Technicians
* Wholesalers & Distributors
* Buying Groups

Why in god’s name would I want these except for spamming purposes? Seriously? You want to sell me, a writer who regularly tears SPAMMERS to shreds, a spamming email list? Are you out of your tiny mind?

We can send you some samples for your reveiw .

Or my review, even.

Looking forward to hear from you.

Erica Miller
Online Marketing Manager
PH No: 800 710 7023

Looks like you’ve been busy; here’s an email with the same phone number talking about airline pilots. Where do you get these you brick-brained tiller of rubbish-dumps?

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If you do not wish to receive future emails from us, please reply as ‘leave out’

I’d much rather reply with a hearty Fuck Off!

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