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spamboxBeloved subscriber,

You’re very kind, but I hardly know you. No, wait, you’re a complete stranger. Feels a bit creepy to be called that by someone I’ve never met.

We have some great news for you: If you sign up with GetCashForSurveys today, you will get $50 bonus when you take your first paid survey!

Well that’s quite an offer. Call me a cynic though, but I’ve never met you, you’ve never met me and I certainly haven’t subscribed to something like this.

We are not going to provide this special deal for much longer, so benefit from this opportunity while you can!

I’m sure you’re not. I should note that this is one of those hard-sell approaches normally reserved for used car salespeople and other misanthropes. I’m all for altruism, but perhaps you’re not being totally honest with me?

Click here for details.

Ah, the mighty link that could lead anywhere. is where you’re sending me, and it’s registered to someone in queensland, Australia. While it’s possible to register domains anywhere in the world, it doesn’t do much for your credibility as in the footer you say you’re located in Berkshire, United Kingdom.

Do I smell a rat?

The email contact for your domain is through “”, so let’s find out who you are.

The plot thickens.

A quick look at throws a great big “This is not the site you’re looking for” message in Chrome, so it’s not looking good for our heroes. This is a Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) error, explained by Google as where the certificate for a website doesn’t match the website a person is browsing to. Something dodgy is clearly going on here.

Additionally, it appears that there’s a whole lot of websites that have been registered by with exactly the same details.

Privacyprotect is registered through Intersections INC, of chantilly, VA. So, we’re now in the United States.

More interesting still is the registrant website, which is for Corporation Service Company which states “has the tools you need to enhance the value of your brands while combatting the forces that would undermine them.” Sounds very above-board. CSC even has a Wikipedia page, and is noted for being around for over 100 years, looking after many different businesses. They probably don’t know about the issues I’ve found with one of their customers though, as they look after thousands of businesses. Neither are they likely to be ultimately responsible.

Also interesting to note is the registrant address and phone number for the site

Nobby Beach
Queensland,QLD 4218
Tel. +45.36946676

The phone number has a +45 prefix. As Australia is +61 and the United Kingdom is +44 we’re way off course. In fact, the country code for the number on the domain registration is Denmark. A Danish phone number with an Australian address. Odd, no?

I’d say at this point that the website that you’re trying to lead me to is probably one of a network of sites registered by a dodgy registrar, and one which I’m reluctant to visit, despite your kind offer of $50.

It might seem hard to believe, however it’s true. There are hundreds of business out there who want to spend for your opinions concerning their products.

I’m sure there are. But given the brief research I’ve done into your company, I’m not convinced you’re actually representing what I’d consider to be “legitimate” businesses. If you’re representing anyone at all it’ll be the merciless hackers who harvest innocent people’s personal details and bank accounts so they can drain them for their own nefarious purposes.

This is an fundamental part of product research, and they count on individuals similar to you for your truthful opinion!

Yeah, they count on me to be truthful when I add my bank account. Because how else are you going to give me that $50 you offered at the beginning of the message?

One guy has actually assembled the biggest data source of business that work with individuals much like you, to offer their opinions on various products.

Really interesting choice of words here; it’s a little different to your original “beloved” which is very intimate. It’s almost like this email has been cobbled together from two different sources.

Think of getting paid for doing some things like:

– Trying out brand-new menu items from popular pubs.
– Take brief surveys about new automobiles that are coming out quickly.
– Give your opinion about brand-new clothes and shoe designs.

When you sign up, you’ll have access to every one of these business hand chosen by Gary Mitchell.

So, the guy is Gary Mitchell. Other than being a Star Trek character, what does Gary Mitchell really bring to the party, other than this magical list of businesses which, let’s be honest, I could find by googling “businesses that want customer feedback“.

Taking a couple of paid surveys in your spare time can truly make a difference in your earnings.

Try it out, and bear in mind, you get $50 for your first paid survey!

I think I’ll pass.

Click here to start now!

Best Regards
Chris Ronson
Extra Income Gazette

Thanks for adding your voice to the SPAM reviews I’m doing here Chris. I really appreciate it.


I thought I’d try this using a secure browser. This, like every other variation of your website gives a connection not established error. Not a good look, even for a spammer!

Easy Marketing Pro PLC 25 Jupiter House, Calleva Park, Aldermaston, Reading, Berkshire, RG7 8NN United Kingdom
You’re receiving this email because you signed up to receive messages from us or our partners.

Jupiter House is just off the A340 in Berkshire according to this map. However, according to the companies list page for Jupiter house, you’re not among the listed tennants.

In fact, according to,you don’t even exist.

So, what am I to believe? Hard research or your offers of quick cash?

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