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From Gargi <>

This is Gargi working as Business Developer.

Do you normally work as something else, for example, chief spammer extraordinaire?

We are an offshore PHP web development and multimedia company based in New Delhi, India offering the best solutions at much affordable price. The service includes e-Commerce Development, Website Design, Graphic Design, 3D Modelling/Animation/Texturing/Lighting, Mobile Apps’ and SEO.

Wow. That’s a lot of things you do. Must be great working in such a diverse workplace.

We are a team of 45+ experienced IT professionals dedicated to deliver customize and open source technology business solutions.

Why is it always 45+? Is this some number scientifically proven to indicate you are genuine? 50 is too many, 10 is too few. Never use an even number. 45.50 is not as good as 45.99.

Scratching my head over the rest of the sentence, Gargi. Do you mean you’ll make whatever business solutions you design open source? Or have you mangled this sentence like I expect you’d mangle anything I give you?

We have been serving US, AUS, UK and Canada last 3.5 years. We are seeking good business relations with you and your company.

I work with an organisation who outsourced their web design to an Australian company which then outsourced it to India. A simple website took two years to put together, and frankly, it wasn’t that hard a thing to do. Two years for something that should have taken a month.

We love to adopt your best practices and will be happy to provide our technical assistance/guidance/recommendations/quotation, as and when required.

I love to write-up snarky remarks to SPAMMERS. It’s just a thing.

Our technical team will provide assistance to WIN projects for mutual benefits. Technical team will also answer your client’s technical queries, share references and their honest advices/recommendations.

Is WIN an acronym for something or have you just put it in capitals for emphasis? Let’s see… Worthless Idiot Numptys?

We are ready to share portfolio, case studies and testimonials, if you feel interested.

See Gargi, what one usually does online is link to portfolios, case studies and testimonials. It’s pretty simple to do too. But first you actually need a website. You do have one of these? And a business.

Select us if you need

  • E-Commerce Solutions – Magento, OSCommerce, bigCommerce, CRELoaded, Volusion
  • Phone Applications – Iphone, Ipad, Android, blackberry apps’ and mobile websites + Mobile Express Checkout Library (MECL)
  • Open Source Solutions – Word Press, Word Press Thesis and Joomla + Virtumart etc.

It’s WordPress, one word, not two, and not twice. Anyway, back to your list.

  • Customize web application development in openPHP
  • Payment Gateway Integration – PayPal, EBS, Google Checkout, WordPay, Moneris, Sage Pay etc.
  • Designs – Creative layouts, high quality graphic designs, 3D animations and Motion Graphics etc.
  • PSD to Xhtml conversion – SEO Semantic, W3C and Jigsaw validated xhtml conversion to boost ranking in SEs.
  • Accessibility Guidelines 2.0
  • Corporate Branding – Logo, e-Brochure, Postcard, Businesscard, Letterhead, Product Catalog
You forgot the kitchen sink

I am excited to hear from you. Cheers!!
Business Development Executive
Skype: support.websolutions

No business name Gargi? How do you pay your 45+ employees? They have mouths to feed too.

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I’m always impressed at how American legislation ends up with funky acronyms. The SHIELD Act, The CAN-SPAM act. I wonder if they’ll come up with a PEACE act or a DISARMAMENT act one day? Well, one can only hope.

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That’s a great way to harvest emails isn’t it? Just whack something onto Google. I’m looking forward to the day Google stomps on people who do this.

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