Editing space

A_broken_pencilI’ve been stuck in “Editing Space” for the past two months, working on chapters 1-3 of The Tome.

Editing Space is curved in on itself, and time doesn’t quite work the same as out here in Normal Space. In Normal Space, time is linear, a progression, point A to point B.

Editing Space works differently. Here time is circular, a backwards and forwards progression from point A to point B, to point A again, maybe including point C or D if you’re very lucky, but then the loop begins again.

In short, if I’m editing, it will go on and on and on.

There are tricks to get me out of this, and return to Normal Space.

Reading out loud helps A Lot. It seems to interrupt the spacetime continuum of Editing Space. It means that I can hear the words and trip over the stuff I thought was clever or interesting, turning them to pale brown mush, like the chocolate mousse which I was trying to whip up last Sunday but never actually managed to get the consistency right. Mainly because I had RSI of the elbow. No food mixer you see.

I said tricks, but I haven’t found any more than that one. There’s got to be others out there. This is working for me right now.

In related news, I found this today: Here’s how to finish that fucking book you monster by Chuck Wendig.


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