Ejecting a disk from the superdrive on a mac mini

There’s no reason this won’t work for any mac to be honest.

I tried all the different ways of getting the CD out of the drive on the mac mini to no avail, such as:

…among others.

The problem I had was that the hard drive in the mac mini had been formatted due to the OS being shot to hell. I had put the OS 10.5.2 install CD in, expecting to just be able to install the OS but was told it wouldn’t work with the rather irritating Mac OS X will not install on this computer error message

Then I got caught in an endless restart loop: the CD wouldn’t eject before the machine shut-down, nor would it eject after startup due to there being no target drive set on account of it being formatted. The system grabbed the only thing it could find, which was the DVD but that couldn’t install the system.

After several hours of trying different things, I took an intuitive leap and found a solution that actually worked.

Target Disk

Target Disk is used for transferring users and files from one mac to another, often when you’ve upgraded your system to something bigger and better.

Target Disk mode instructions are found on the apple website.

This allowed the DVD to mount on my laptop, which I promptly ejected.

So, that’s yet another way to get a disk out of a mac mini.

Now I’m installing 10.6 which is possible because I dismantled the machine and whacked 1GB of memory into it. My housemate asked why I didn’t just take the install disc out while the computer was in pieces. My answer was this:

“Because I’m an idiot.”

Live and learn.

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