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Name: Roberto
Comment: HiI need to cut out pictures of jewelery such as the one that I attach here.

I find a pair of scissors usually does the trick.

Normally there will be between 20 and 50 individual pieces at a time.

I’d recommend then, a really really big pair of scissors. And a bucket of cold water so you can relieve the pain of cramp in your hand after cutting them all at once.

Please tell me your best price for this processing only contour.
Possibly tell me the cost for 3 pieces, 10 pieces, 20 and 50 at a time.

One Million Dollars! In advance!

Can I get all the files in PSD format?

You’ll get them in paper format or not at all.

Please, I send a sample image for free test to judge your quality work.Tell me the attach/send method please.

You’ll need to send postage too. And an envelope. And your return address.

Thank you very much

It’s a pleasure!

Author: gotheek

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