Email harvesting scam

Here’s a worrying trend: spammers hijacking other people’s businesses to make it appear that they are acting on BEHALF of that business. It appears to be an email harvesting trick, one of the umpty-bazillion currently operating online. is one such site, owned by (according to Easywhois) Tony David of Ellicott City. I’d say this is likely an alias. The easywhois page notes that the website domain has been “Blocked due to spam” which is right. However, that these snail-wrangling scumbags operate in this manner deserves the punch-in-the-mouth award of 2013.

The email in question started by advertising a flower shop, then went into the following:

You are receiving this email because you have a customer relationship or have opted-in to an email list managed by the Emailing Entity listed below. This email was not sent to you by the company or website identified in the offer above, for which we have a separate business relationship. We have represented to such company or website that we have the affirmative right to email you with an offer on their behalf.

Kind of a disclaimer, basically “we’re acting on behalf of someone else so we’re not spammers”. Except they are.

Should you wish to unsubscribe from future ORGANISATION emails pursuant to its Privacy Policy, please click here, or write to ADDRESS

Basically dropping the supposed advertiser in the shit while leaving their hands clean. And the link goes to the spammer’s site instead of the flower-shop site, where you would have to enter your email account and receive a message saying “you’ve been unsubscribed” which is Spam-speak for “Sucker!”

This is an email advertisement to, stop receiving email advertisements, please click here Or you can mail us at: POBox 303 Glenelg MD 21737

The “click here” was a website address with a lot of alphanumeric characters.

Rule one online: don’t click links sent in messages.

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