Frontrow extended! Muahahaha

Here’s a thing — I’ve got a nice home video system at home. The core is a Mac Mini (one of the original intel ones I think) with a 20 inch mac screen, and Harmon Kardon soundsticks speaker system plugged in.

On the mac mini, I run Frontrow. I wanted a system which was just a point and click with the mac remote — 5 buttons of ultimate power.

For my little loungeroom, it’s a nice, simple and easy to use system.
Except some DVDs wouldn’t run on it. Or rather, they wouldn’t run on Frontrow. They WOULD run on VLC.
Except now they will. Thanks to a bit of software called DVD Assist which helps Frontrow see Video-TS folders which is where, on a DVD, the video is actually located.

Author: gotheek

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