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From: Aashika Bhatt <aashika@webdigitalmarketing.co.in>


I am Aashika Bhatt, online marketing consultant,

Oh god, another one? Don’t you have anything better to do than spamming unsuspecting email addresses?

Let me introduce myself, we are a leading Seo & internet marketing company offers search engine optimization (Seo) and web design services to help you score over your competition. We have a team of 45+ highly qualified professionals who are certified in Google ad words and iso standards providing a wide range of services in order to generate higher visitor/traffic to your website. This ensures that your website gets higher rankings on Google, yahoo, msn & other major search engines pages.

You’re not a leading SEO & Internet Marketing Company. You know how I know? Because you’re SPAMMING ME!

If you were any good, people would be coming to you and demanding you take their businesses on.

We offer following services:

(1) Full Seo package (with plan and activities)
(2) Smo (face book, twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube and MySpace marketing, etc).
(3) Technical content writing services.
(4) Website designing services.
(5) Website development services.
(6) Website re-designing & maintenance services (with flash & php)
(7) CMS (word press, Joomla, magneto-commerce and other php based framework quality content management system)
(8) Web application development in php, .net etc

Can I know in which service are you interested in?

(9) Not spamming me any more.

Can you do that for me Aashika?

Kindly revert back if you are interested, then we can send you more detail on the package/action.

I look forward to hear a positive reply from you soon.

Best regards,
Aashika Bhatt
Online marketing consultant
Email: aashika@webdigitalmarketing.co.in

Just for the hell of it, I looked at your website, webdigitalmarketing.co.in. It’s as bare as Old Mother Hubbard’s cupboards and tells me to go somewhere else for more.

So I went somewhere else and found a website with quite a bit of content on it. You might think about doing a redirect rather than sending people to a website with no content on it; it doesn’t look very good to be honest. I’d have thought at least one of your highly qualified professionals could handle something this simple.

So on the new website there’s a bunch of content, and it all looks very nice and all. Except you’ve got a single badly written testimonial from a Cyril Noga in Switzerland (possibly you designed a website for the entire country. Pretty impressive I’d say), and it’s endlessly repeating in the sidebar.

Don’t you have anyone else who likes your work? You know, from all your clients who help employ your 45+ highly qualified professionals?

Not sure why you can’t put a real number on how many employees you have at any one time, to be honest. Do they phase in-and-out of this reality at random moments?

Note: we are not spammers and are against spamming of any kind. If you are not interested .then you can reply with a simple \”no\”,we will never contact you again.

What about a hearty NYET Tovarish?

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