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Hope you are well.

Well, it’s been a hell of a day. First there were electricians coming over to install a new rangehood. That woke me up at 8am. They took their sweet time too, and left the kitchen in a mess. Then there was a guy with the ironing. He arrived just as I was settling back to sleep. The day was up and down from there really.

I am Jessica Taylor, Web Development Manager. We are an India based ISO 9001:2008 & ISO: 27001 Certified offshore Web Design, Web Development and Mobile application development firm with over 7 years of experience offering Web Design, Web Development, Mobile Application Development, Digital Marketing Services at affordable packages.

Wow. So you’re into Quality management systems and Information security management. And you do offshore web design. Do you use the poor schmucks in our offshore detention centres by any chance? God knows those people could do with something do to, and a chance to get some skills, what with the isolation, adverse ASIO security assessments, mental health issues and suicide attempts.

I was surfing through internet on your domain and came across your Website: I have been observing various changes in recent industry trend and the types of sites other players in your domain are using.

You surf through the internet TO a domain, which indeed has a website. Except the domain is and the website merely rests there. It’s the difference between trying to drive your car registration sticker (the equivalent of domain registration) or your car (the equivalent of the actual website).

And there are no other players in my domain. It’s bought and paid for every year. Perhaps you mean domain as-in the area of service provision that it applies to. You should probably find a better word to use because for the less knowledgeable, it could get confusing. Try a thesarus.

The field has grown since you last updated your website as per available records in Domain tools. Nowadays, consumers get appealed to advanced and user-friendly website.

Which domain tools are you referring to? Perhaps Google Webmaster which is pretty good. You can’t perhaps be also referring to the Cpanel domain tools which are a part of many hosting packages could you?

A website determines the brand of a firm in the online world and to maintain the competitive edge, we provide you mobile compatible website.

Well, that’s the first thing you’ve mainly got right, and having mobile friendly sites are useful, but just because a website is mobile compatible, doesn’t mean it’s any good. First step to a good site is to have content on it which people want to read, on subjects they’re interested in and are searching for. Branding, being mobile-friendly and any other tweaks are a waste of time and energy if you’ve got nothing on the site that’s any use.

Take your site for example which throws a 403 Forbidden error. This is not a site which is compatible with ANY website browser. How in the name of Bugs Bunny do you suppose you can advise me on my website if yours doesn’t even exist?

Do let me know if you are willing to discuss a possible redesigning/redevelopment of your website and I can send you more details on the packages/action.

Not tonight Josephine.

Kind Regards,

Jessica Taylor
Web Development Manager.
Sales Team
Email ID:

Sorry, Jessica, not Josephine.

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Yeah, the CAN-SPAM act is only useful in the United States. And I’m not about to send an email message back to you and have it harvested for more spamming, you ignorant dolt.

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