Give so they may have a short but good life

There’s a lot of things in this world which create hopelessness and despair. Take the current Australian federal election for one example.

Another is losing a child to an incurable neurological disease.

That’s what some friends of mine have in store for their son: he has Batten disease, a particularly nasty neurodegenerative disorder which robs the child of motor function (walking, talking) and eventually life. Marcus was diagnosed initially with Epilepsy, which itself was pretty difficult, but not as bad as this.

Read about the family on the Leader newspaper website (and here’s an identical one on the herald scum)

If you’re a regular visitor, an occasional one or just coming by for no particularly good reason, instead of making a comment saying “how sad”, or “my thoughts are with them”, please instead give a few dollars to the Batten disease research organisation, or to Very Special Kids who support families through situations that would ordinarily crush the soul.


Author: gotheek

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