hard to get going

Am finding it hard to get going today, on anything in particular. I’d like to be working on the re-jig of the DaisyDonnie book 1, to make it a bit more coherent. I’d like to be scouring the interwebs for potential publishers. I’d also like to convert it to eBook format so I can distribute in other mediums (iphone app store?). But I’m not.

My problem is this: I have grown to loathe computers. The use, the aesthetic, the whole typing onto a screen.

And this problem is being fixed in-part by my decision to hand-over all my web development and copywriting work to J & J (among others). But this can’t happen overnight (although it’d be really nice if it could).

The issue spills over into my writing. As I write the books on my mac, and also work on my mac, I’m having trouble distinguishing between the two. One supposedly is a good way to make money (as long as clients pay me of course), the other is a good way to maintain my creativity and my sanity. So I’m looking forward to being able to just step away very, very soon.

Of course, what comes next is anyone’s guess. I’m going to do a course in June (as long as they run it of course) in transpersonal counselling, held at the Phoenix institute in Prahran. This will be totally different from what I’ve done for the last 12 years and thus restore my balance. It’ll also give me the chance to be a uni student for the first time and do the learning thing again, only this time in something I’ve actually chosen rather than being compelled by others (long story, don’t even ask).

But for now, there perhaps needs to be a plan drawn up to extricate myself from my current clientele, and for the passing of work to others. I also need to just relax and go with this: every time I’ve stood my ground and done something I know is right for me, I’ve landed on my feet (rather than my arse).

So, here goes…

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