ski-maskMy name is Liza Mecklenburg, representing the advertising department of the E&J Consulting company. We are interested to place an ad (banner), of your choice, on your website.

No thanks

Design and sizes can be seen on our website at www.OBSCURED/OBSCURED/

Right, a website that wants to run javascript on my computer. That’s a recipe for doom.

Depending on the banner size you choose we can pay up to US$750/month.

Or if I go to your website, I get a browser hack from activating javascript. I don’t think so. Also, we’re onto you and your evil tricks, Liza, if That’s Your Real Name?

If you are interested please let me hear from you.

Certainly. How about contact me again with your username and password, your bank account details, your firstborn child’s name and your home address. Then we can talk.

Kind Regards,
Liza Mecklenburg

Author: gotheek

Sometime writer, full time human.