Create a new event using the Timely calendar plugin

The Timely All-in-one event calendar is a useful free plug-in for WordPress which contains an internal calendar with a large number of functions.

You can get the all-in-one event calendar from the WordPress plugin directory.

Create a new event

Use these steps for adding events such as meetings or other things where people come along.

First, in the left-hand panel, click Events.timely events

Then, under Events, click Add New.



In the Add New Event window, enter the title of the event.

Timely event-add-event-title

Some suggested titles of meetings are:

  • Widget Meeting: Month, Day
  • Strategy meeting: Month, Day
  • Event Name: Month, Day


click on each of the following and add details:

  • Event date and time
  • Event location details (if you can get an address for the meeting, the in-built google calendar will display these details on the event)
  • Organiser contact information










In the body of the Add New Event page, enter details of the event, such as:

  • Widget meeting for MONTH. See LINK for agenda and minutes.
  • Strategic meeting for YEAR. See LINK for agenda and minutes.

Note: You can add a link to other content on the site by selecting your text, then clicking the link button link button and selecting the page from the Link to existing content drop-down.

Add the category

On the right of the screen is the Category panel.

Tick one category for the event (you may have to create these if they don’t already exist):

  • Widget meetings
  • Strategic meetings
  • Event meetings

Finishing up

Once your event is entered and you’re sure the information is correct, scroll back to the top and click Publish.


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