My Project: Editing and adding to a To-Do item

When you’re a client of Tall Poppy Digital, you’re given access to our project management system where you can:

  • See all tasks relevant to your project
  • See project status based on the number of tasks still to be completed
  • View and address tasks which have been assigned to you (such as requests for information, materials or discussions taking place).
to-do items
“To-Do” is another name for a project task.

First, click here to see your project (you may need to log-in first).

Next, click your project name, and then the To-Do tab.

In the To Do item tab, click the relevant to-do item.

A new page opens where you can:

  • Discuss the item
  • Add files to the item
  • Tick the item as completed



When discussing a to-do item, first enter your text where it says Add a comment…

Next, tick the name of the user you wish to notify, which may be a co-worker or Lisa of Tall Poppy Digital.

Click the Select files link to add files from your computer. These can be PDF, MS Word documents or images.

Then when you’re finished, click Add this comment.

The ticked people will be notified via email of a new comment and then log-into the system to continue the conversation.

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