Hey Baldy!

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Subject: Hey Baldy!
Date: Tue, 12 Nov 2013 14:49:27 -0500 (EST)
From: greerterrell23ecr@aol.com
To: joehritchie@royutah.org

Yeah, let’s play on people’s insecurities for a quick buck. Of course, that’s what all advertising is about.

It’s time you did something about your hair loss. There are no excuses! New technology makes having a full head of hair
easier and more affordable than ever. Go from chump to champ in no time! The ladies will definitely notice!

Assuming you’re heterosexual.

Bald men look great, why not lop the lot off and do away with this horseshit, guys? Don’t believe me?

You need to check out special offers going on right now from Bosley. These guys are the real deal and have been around forever.

Well, one I’m female. Two, I have lots of hair because I have estrogen not testosterone in my bloodstream. Three you can sod off.

The following link will take you to a special offer where they are giving away a $250 gift certificate for their permanent hair restoration services.

Just go to http://bit.ly/1e1ItxU

Colour me unimpressed. Nice work hiding the URL, but given the rest of the message, it’s not gonna happen for you today.

To stop receiving amazing offers from ORGANISATION visit http://bit.ly/1a1F3dH

To stop having your spammy emails commented upon, derided and otherwise stomped, stop sending them to me, you worm-infested crap-handler. Surely you have a positive role model in your life you can imitate rather than doing this crap?


Hmmm, smells like another email harvesting scam.

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