How I learned to stop worrying and like the things I used to complain about

Things seem to have changed recently.

The goth in me may finally have kicked its little feet in the air and expired. Could have something to do with regular consumption of Grande Soy Chai Latte’s with extra pumps from Starbucks.
Yes, it’s syrup. No, it’s not the very best chai I’ve ever had. I reserve that title for the chai I make for myself (Roast Dandelion instead of tea in this case). But, it’s available, it tastes nice and it’s actually not that bad.
Who is hurt by my having a Starbucks chai rather than a flaccid naff chai from anywhere else? Well, the pockets of those other retailers, sure, but they don’t deserve the money if they can’t make a decent chai now, do they?
The number of places that advertise ‘chai tea’, then make something unrecognisable of powder, or even 90% hot milk poured over a tea and spice mix scraped up from the floor is astronomical. Nowhere in Melbourne, save for Ceres or St. Andrews, actually makes a decent Chai. I had a good few in Byron Bay (which isn’t Melbourne, but stick with me), but as a Hippy stronghold, you’d expect that, wouldn’t you?
Here is a slightly grainy screenshot of me and a starbucks soy chai 😀

Author: gotheek

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