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Very odd email address.

We provide E-mail addresses databases ( or called E-mail lists , E-mail leads ,Bulk E-mail lists ) for advertisement mailing purpose ( for your Email compaign ),
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So you’re one of the bastards who are responsible for SPAM. The harvester and purveyor of lists. Maybe I’m shooting the messenger, causing Grievous Bodily Harm of the Middleman as it were, but any chance to get at one of you parasites is worthwhile, even if you’re not the top of the heap.

Our Products:

Worldwide Email Lists ..
Country or area total emails and price

America 175 Million Email Address $320 US
Europe 156 Million Email Address $350 US
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HongKong 3.25 Million Email Address $300 US
TaiWan 2.25 Million Email Address $300 US
Japan 27 Million Email Address $300 US
Australia 6 Million Email Address $250 US

Certainly there are less and less jobs in the world. Some would inform you of the principle of Karma, also known as “you reap what you sow”; It’s the idea that the scales will balance somehow, and is perhaps a way good people sleep at night while realising intellectually that the world really doesn’t care.

You and I understand that things aren’t like that and if you want something doing, sometimes you have to hire people to do it for you.

Canda 10 Million Email Address $250 US
Russia 38 Million Email Address $220 US
England 3.2 Million Email Address $300 US
German 20 Million Email Address $300 US
France 38 Million Email Address $250 US
India 12 Million Email Address $220 US
CENTRAL & SOUTH AMERICAN AREA 40 Million Email Address $280 US
MIDDLE EAST & AFRICA 45 million Email Address $280 US
SOUTH EAST AREA 32 million Email Address $280 US

other Country or Area , please contact us , please send Email To: peterwilson2001#163.com ( please replace # with @ when sending email )

I’ll just suggest that at some point in the future, big, purposeful people will come knocking on your door, wearing big, purposeful black boots and big purposeful ear-buds which are in contact with a central controller; could be me, but I think I’ll leave a job like this to the professionals.


Category Name total emails total price

Apparel, Fashion, Textiles and Leather 4,654,565 $250 $180 US
Automobile & Transportation 6,547,845
Business Services 6,366,344
Chemicals 3,445,565
Computer & Telecommunications 654,655
Construction & Real Estate 3,443,544
Consumer Electronics 1,333,443
Energy, Minerals & Metals 6,765,683
Environment 656,533

The battering-ram that will be swung against your front door will be nothing personal, neither will the yelling and screaming that ensues once they enter your residence. The likely punch in the mouth and stomach, followed by the knee in your back and handcuffs around your wrists will be merely a detail to note as you are hauled away.

All Email Total: 150 U.S
Food & Agriculture 1,235,354
Gems & Jewellery 565,438
Health & Beauty 804,654
Home Supplies 323,232
Industrial Supplies 415,668
Office Supplies 1,559,892
Packaging & Paper 5,675,648
Printing & Publishing 6,563,445
Security & Protection 5,653,494
Sports & Entertainment 3,488,455
Toys, Gifts and Handicrafts 2,135,654

The hood dropped over your head as you pass the threshold of your once secure home will be comforting to you, in the same way as a ball-gag to a submissive in a S&M dungeon.

In total, 136 nations , 40 trades email lists total price $900 US

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As you are hurled into the back of the van, it’s questionable as to whether it’s a police cell you’re heading to or a more simple burial in a rubbish dump many miles away. You’ll get no answers from the people who have performed this service.

* Almost all of our emails are sent to valid email addresses
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That’s a hole

Perhaps as the earth is shovelled onto your still breathing body, you’ll consider that selling thousands of people’s emails to SPAMmers was perhaps a less optimal use of your life?

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