I’m on Centrelink (day 1)

Arrived at the Job Seeker office today at about 5 past 9 — slightly late. They retaliated with badly photocopied identity paperwork for me to write-up, an apparently E-addicted reception boy who was Just Having A Great Time, and a 20 minute wait; with commerical radio on a nearby boom-box. It just doesn’t get any better than this!

I didn’t really have much else to do though.

When I was seen by a very earnest young man – not sure what the job title is, but the description appears to be data-entry, handing over paperwork, asking the odd question and explaining a couple of things — the first question out of his mouth was ‘so what happened?’

You see, he’d found an earlier Centrelink account on-file, and discovered I’d done Technical Writing for a number of years (he didn’t know how many and had to ask me that because it apparently wasn’t clear enough on the resume on-file to have each job over 12 years marked with the years and/or months ‘from’ and ‘to’) and made an assumption.

He seemed a little flustered when I replied that I’d decided to step away from corporate IT for a while to run a web design and copywriting business, and was only here ultimately because of the sheer boredom of chasing recalcitrant clients for money.

Which was true. Also I was getting a little socially isolated working from home.

I said I’d worked in a shop for a while to ‘press the mental Reset button’ and just needed a little bit of a hand while looking for work. And that I’d applied for several jobs this week and had a potential interview next.

This basically removed the need for any other questions. I’d even printed out my resumes (IT and Other) for him. At the point where he started showing me the photocopies he had for me, I think he might have been a bit embarassed about the pages showing ‘how to write a resume’ and ‘how to write a cover letter’. Presumably he needed to show them because he had nothing else to do.

All part of the service really.

Here’s to the Centrelink interview Monday. Looking forward to it.

Author: gotheek

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