Imagine a life without cigarettes!

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Subject: Imagine a life without cigarettes!
Date: Tue, 19 Nov 2013 21:42:50 -0500
From: YBT-Stop Smoking <>
To: <>

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I don’t think so!

Look into my eyes... you are feeling gullible... gullible...
Look into my eyes… you are feeling gullible… gullible…

Imagine a life without cigarettes!

Hang on… my eyes are closed and I’m imagining it… mmm, I can breathe freely… my eyes don’t stream and — hang about. I don’t smoke anyway! That cough must be because of the cold I’ve had for the last few weeks and not creeping emphysema.

Smoking is both a physical and mental addiction. Smokers become accustomed to the feeling they get from smoking a cigarette. They get used to having a cigarette in their hand and to the time they spend each day on smoke breaks. And any “quit smoking” method out here comes with side effects as bas as smoking itself! Not our way. Its totally safe, non habit forming, no side effects, and truly 100% natural. What could be better? Try these easy, no side effect, way to quit smoking today!

Yep, don’t buy cigarettes.

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Set yourself free from cigarettes with the power of hypnosis!

On the count of three, you will hand-over your bank account details and all identifying details to me so I can use them for my own evil purposes. You will forget this conversation took place.

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Interestingly I didn’t actually explicitly subscribe to your newsletter mailout spam.

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There’s four corners at your location in Ontario: two occupied by petrol stations, one occupied by a homewares centre and the other has signage for Party Packagers, Pizza Pizza, a chiropractor, and my personal favourite, “The Raging Live”, whatever the hell that is.

Oh look, hidden text! How trustworthy and professional! It’s all about copyright law by the look of it, and nicked from this source on taiwanese copyright.

With the reference materials collected from the Untied States, Japan, England, and Germany, the III in put forth several recommendations for the revision of the Copyright Law in August 1995: 1. Revise the definition of Reproduction. Article 3(5) of the Copyright Law defines Reproduction as printing, copying, sound recording, video recording, photographing, transcribing, or other tangible reproductions. 2. Add digital Work as a work eligible for multimedia protection. 3. Multimedia copyright owners may agree not to enforce certain moral rights. 4. The owners of digital works should enjoy the same economic rights, such as, rental, reproduction, public recitation, presentation, performance, and broadcasting. 5. Terms of protection for digital works should be 50 years as well. There is no doubt that Taiwan government has paid lots of effort in the reformation to its copyright system. However, while this progress has been well recognized by the international community, protection for works of foreign nationals is based on reciprocity. Due to the current diplomatic situation, only a limited number of countries and territories, such as the U.S., U.K., Switzerland, Hong Kong, Spain, and Korea have copyright relations with Taiwan. That is to say, of more than 180 countries in the world, only six of them have reciprocal copyright relation with Taiwan. Global Effect An International Twist to Copyright Taiwan government tries its best to conform its Copyright Law to international Standard. With the active participation and application to join the WTO, Taiwan will have to comply with and will enjoy the benefits of the Trade-Related Aspects of Intellectual Property Rights (TRIPS). In preparation for WTO accession, a draft amendment law has been prepared. These amendments of the Copyright Law will be processed together with the Omnibus Bill for the Amendment of

I wonder why you pinched this text? Ah, it’s so you can get by existing spam filters, according to this article. In short, adding additional text to spam gives the filtering applications more to churn through, and the auto-matching that takes place with existing documented spam fails as there’s so much additional unrelated text.

You dirty bastard.

Relevant Laws for Taiwan’s Accession to the WTO in the coming legislative session. With the exception of retroactive protection issues that are still being clarified, this amendment has been reviewed and approved by the Cabinet. They will be given priority status in the legislative process. Beside Taiwan, other foreign governments also concern with the U.S. dominance … [Cut for space, time and care-factor]

All I hear is Ra, Ra, Ra, I’m a dirty bastard spammer. Some advertisement for your hypnosis CD.

will only extend the reach of corporation into cyberspace where new laws will unnecessarily restrict access to information. Instead of protecting the status quo, critics say giant software and media companies have banded together and represented their interests to governing bodies, such as WIPO, without public input and exclusive of the general users in the negotiations. [Cut because I simply don’t care. You really are a creep aren’t you?]

So let’s get down to brass tacks shall we?

The links in your email go to Which upon reading the listing, belongs to a Mandy Koivisto of the aforementioned business name and address. This name is listed in related to a suspected phishing site. Phishing, of course, is a website that is designed to look like something official — say a bank — so unsuspecting visitors can enter their details and have them harvested. These are the sites usually associated with those bank warning messages that are sent far and wide, informing “customer” (rather than the person’s real name) that something bad has happened to their bank account.

Anyway, back to your current site: badgebullfight:

None of this fills me with desire to get a free hypnosis CD from you, Mandy. If that’s your real name? Perhaps instead it’s The Great Mandyla, Phisherperson, Spammer extraordinaire! Gasp at the audacious attempts to harvest personal information! Be shocked by the blatant Spamming!

Or you could just fuck off. That would work too.


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