That’s the nice way of putting it when an app on a mac won’t uninstall without some serious work.

I’m particularly unimpressed with Eltima’s Syncmate software.
Installing it, dead easy. Removing not so much. I tried the simple drag-and-drop the app to the trash, but that got me nothing. The stupid ‘you haven’t synced in some time’ messages keep coming up regardless.
To remove, you have to download the installer, then go to the ‘Start Here’ document, which gives you a link to the uninstaller. Which you have to download.
Oh, but guess what, the uninstaller is included in the installation package too. Well, that’s intuitive. Or not.
It used to be that mac apps would uninstall with a simple drag and drop to the trash. Those were the simple and elegant days of early OS X. And I miss them. This is so ‘Windows’, so inelegant, so painful that I wonder what exactly the developers were thinking when they created the system. Probably that it’s more painful to get rid of than to keep so you might as well leave it alone.

Author: gotheek

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