It’s hello Facebook, and goodbye Moves

I’ve been using the rather nifty, well designed iPhone exercise application Moves for several months and wrote about it here. It was clean, uncluttered and didn’t have feature bloat unlike many competitors.

Two weeks ago, all users of Moves got an email which told us the news it has been bought by Facebook. But the email made it clear that it would be business as usual and that no changes were planned.

Well, that was then. This is now.

Screen Shot 2014-05-05 at 9.46.14 pm

Today I received the new Updated Terms and Privacy Policy, and kudos to the people who wrote it, because the clauses are definitely clear and easy to understand. The one in particular I’d draw the reader’s attention to concerns the use of my data:

We may share information, including personally identifying information with our Affiliates (companies that are part of our corporate groups of companies, including but not limited to Facebook) to help provide, understand and improve our Services

Not quite the Business As Usual everyone was promised a couple of weeks ago.

I don’t begrudge anyone selling their hard work for scads o’cash. I do begrudge my data being grabbed by a company like Faccia Libro for their own nefarious purposes (and I’m aware of the irony of saying this, as I have a little-used account AND use Google for my email and document management).

I know Google is evil, but they’re evil and well organised which helps me. At this point, they’re fast becoming the Microsoft of the internet to be honest.

Cara Libro on the other hand is little more than a wall to graffiti things on. So why then do they make their User Interface such a complete PITA to use? Don’t believe me? Try deleting more than one friend at once, or finding your security settings.

Indeed, Mark Zuckerberg’s evil minions seem to have an interesting approach to changes to the system: To get their annoying features and look good because they’ve “listened” to the community, they over-promise the bad then pull back. They’re like teenagers pushing the envelope; they’ll threaten something awful (e.g., “I never want to see you again!”) Then when it suits them, they’ll ask you for some cash to go have a coffee. And because you’ve been so hurt by their original statement, and who wouldn’t be because it’s got your whole life in it, you might just give them that money because, hey, they backed-down and are now talking to you. Instead of a sledgehammer, it’s a poke in the face with a blunt stick. Blunt sticks can take eyes out after a while though.

So, to avoid my location data and attempts at exercise being used by Das Buch  to advertise running shoes, diet programmes and plastic surgery at me, I am forced to bid Moves farewell and will start trialling Runkeeper and will see how that goes. The User Interface isn’t quite so funky, but it seems to work thus-far.

But it’s such a pity to go: the Moves interface was really clear and simple (far more than any other competitor) and it didn’t have any annoying other features to contend with (I don’t want to compete with other people. I hated sports at school. I just want to see how much exercise I’m getting).

Thankfully there is an unsubscribe link in the email from Moves. It would seem they are expecting people to say “No Way Facebook”.

I hope the designers spend the cash wisely though, and enjoy the fruits of their labour.

You can unsubscribe from Moves here:

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