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Subject: Job Application
Date: Mon, 14 Oct 2013 23:19:41 +0200 (CEST)
From: Scott C. Bultman <>

Swatch Group Job Application


Howdy comrade!

We would like to present you a part-time job offer as a finance
officer for our company, Swatch Group. Our company sells deluxe
watches in Europe and in some areas in United States. We would like to
extend our business in your region, that is why this part-time job was

Clearly you haven’t seen my bank account.

Processing a payment involves the following:

1. Receive the payment from our customers by Bank Transfers.
2. Pick up the payment from your account and keep your 10% commission fee.
3. Send the rest of the money to one of our headquarters in Europe.

So not so much selling watches, more money-laundering.

This job will require about 1-2 hours per day from your time and your
incomes will start from 250-300 USD per week to 500USD per week.

Yep, until either the police arrive at the door and kick it in, or the mafia takes exception to my encroaching on their business. They don’t like sharing.

Thank you,

Scott C. Bultman,
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Swatch Group.

2013, Swatch Group, United Kingdom.

Clearly the UK subsidiary can’t afford a proper email account, as evidenced by the fact you’re using a free Microsoft Outlook email. Probably the reason you’re laundering cash. Oh well, got to make a crust somehow…

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