John Silvester’s Obituary

Say it ain't so!
Say it ain’t so!

In my opinion, John Silvester is one of the best journalists currently working for The Age newspaper here in Melbourne. His articles on the grubby underworld of this state are the kind of thing you’d find in a crime novel: pacy, cleverly written and with a rogues gallery (including himself) worthy of Dashiell Hammett. Indeed, with writer Andrew Rule,  Silvester wrote the Underbelly series of self-published books, so crime writing appears in his blood.

So it was with great surprise I saw, in the above screenshot taken from The Age website this morning, that he had died.

Yet perhaps not. A clickthrough revealed it was actually an obiturary BY John Silvester FOR Mark Brandon “Chopper” Read, who had recently died.

It’s kind of ironic, I think, that someone who writes so very well would be betrayed by a mis-shapen editorial headline.

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