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Well at least you’re honest.

Date: Wed, 11 Sep 2013 21:48:26 -0000
From: Mrs Sonia Suarez<cassuarez@yahoo.es>
Reply-To: <cassuarez@yahoo.es>

Spanish Yahoo. Wow. I thought everyone was on Google these days?

Dear Friend

Yo! Howzit goin?

My name is Mrs Sonia Suarez of Cataluсa Investment Agency, Madrid -Spain. I want to invite you for a transaction worth several million dollars left unclaimed by the late Libyan Leader, Moarmmar Gadhafi who died intestate in October 11th 2011.

According to BBC News, he also died of bullet holes. Unless you’re talking about his cousin (you spelled the late Colonel’s name wrong).

Please if you are interested to execute this profitable transaction with me. Kindly get back to me and i will tell you more details about the issue.

Always happy to waste a scammer’s time. Do tell your amazing story of heroics and woe, and how my bank accounts and some hard currency can help me gain millions of dollars. Which is rightfully owned by the Libyan people.

I look forward to hear from you soon, thank you.
NOTE: Send your reply me to my confidential E-mail: soniasuarez@consultant.com

I don’t think a ‘confidential’ email is going to stop the freedom-fighters of Libya — you know, the ones that shot-up their late leader — from finding you, Sonia. My suggestion is to run. No amount of money is worth losing your life.


Mrs Sonia Suarez.
Tel: +34 611205416

I don’t want to alarm you Sonia, but some nefarious bootlicker has reported one of your emails as SPAM! Can’t imagine why; you sound very sincere.

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