Locus of Control!

I’ve just heard the term I’ve spent 2 months trying to remember. FFS, why was it so hard to remember this?!

Locus of Control: where you have control over your own actions, can hand it to others or hide it from them.

Externalised locus of control – you hand responsibility for your life to someone else, meaning you’re dependent on their approval and disapproval.

Internalised locus of control – you keep all responsibility to yourself, leading to isolation

Balance, as always, is necessary – neither of these options is a great application (but life varies the concept).

It’s rather like the circle of influence and concern: if your influence is greater than your concern, you’re going to piss a lot of people off – you just don’t care but can cause things to change. If your circle of concern is greater than your influence, you’ll be worrying about all sorts of things you can’t actually do anything about.

In both cases, it’s good to aim for a balance.

Locus of control is actually related to the sociological concept of Agency, which is where there’s a capacity within us all to influence change in our lives and have free choices. The restricting force is called structure, which is where we are limited by things like gender stereotypes, cultural expectations, road laws and things like that.

Great, now that’s done.

Author: gotheek

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