Make your work around the house and yard simple

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Subject: Make your work around the house and yard simple
Date: Wed, 27 Nov 2013 13:22:39 -0500

But what if I only have a balcony?

Flex-Able Hose – The Compact, Lightweight Hose That Will Never Kink Or Tangle

But will be included in unsolicited email.

The Flex-AbleHose is made of a tough double-wall construction that is designed to bend and stretch but never kink.

A vanilla hose then. I wonder what you’d call the ones that are into BDSM?

Kink… kinky? No?

This incredible hose delivers a high volume spray and works with all standard nozzles and spigots. Start making your yard chores simple, today.

Here in Australia, it’s generally frowned upon to use a hose for “yard chores”, which I’m guessing you mean “hosing down the driveway”, “hosing down windows”, and “cleaning the car”. We’re a very dry continent with water supply issues; here in Melbourne we’re on permanent water restrictions. The term that was used in the 1980’s to describe people who use water unwisely is “water wally” (the modern usage is a little more direct and less polite).

It's unsolicited advertising! You know what that means folks...
It’s unsolicited advertising! You know what that means folks…

So you guys are at a website called “”, and refer me to a page with a lot of alphanumeric characters. The top level though is what I like to call YAFWMA, or Yet Another Fucking Web Marketing Agency. However, the domain is apparently available, so who knows what’s going on there. Do you have a website or don’t you? Are you selling kinky hoses (or indeed, non-kinky ones) or not?

Or is this yet another reason to tighten my spam filters?

The second image in your email is interesting too (reproduced in plain text in this instance):

*this is an advertisement
PO Box 1693 West Palm Beach, FL 33402

So, an unregistered website, advertising a kink-free hose, and a business apparently located in Palm Beach.

What’s not to trust?

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