Microsoft #fail

I’ve been hired to do some setup of software on a mac; the client got a programme which only runs on Windows (in-fact, Windows XP, Vista or 7).

It’s relatively easy to do this: install Parallels on the mac, then Windows then the software (with a judicious scattering of antivirus software because you just can’t be too careful in Windows).

My client has a brand spanking new iMac and it is a Thing of Beauty™. The only minor quibble is that the svelte design has a distinct lack of optical drive.

That’s where downloading stuff comes in handy. Parallels is almost down. So what about Windows?

I’ve hunted for a Windows download and can only find Windows 8. I’m sure this is a lovely bit of kit, but it’s not what I’m after. So I called the Windows help line (interestingly the image is suspiciously similar to the Mac Genius peeps).

You be the judge:

MS help
Microsoft store help person image
Apple Genius Bar peeps
Apple Genius Bar peeps

Anyway, that aside, once I was talking to someone, they were very polite (and American, not that there’s anything wrong with that) and told me that unfortunately there was no download available for Windows 7 anywhere on any Microsoft site.

“So how do I install this software,” I asked with a hint of a perplexed tone.

“Well, you could go to stores and see if you can find a copy, but it will be a physical copy not a download.”

I thanked the help person, as it wasn’t her fault that Microsoft were being so short-sighted. The idea I presume is to force people onto Windows 8 in all its glorious tile-encrusted beauty.

Useless for me though. What I’ll be doing is hunting around this house for a copy of Windows XP which is free and will work with the software.


Oh, and the physical copy would then be put into an optical drive on another mac, mounted as a shared drive and installed from there.


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  1. Actually found one here. Now installing the bazillion updates. Should be out of here within 48 hours.

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