Moi Rools 4 Ritng

A_broken_pencilWritten as a reminder for editing purposes. Nothing to see here except cringe-worthy mistakes I’ve been guilty of in the past.

This is a growing list which may be categorised and expanded at a later date.

  • Simple wins.
  • Spellcheck is my friend.
  • Avoid MS Office.
  • Backup. Regularly. I mean it! And not just in one place.
  • An expert is, by definition, knowledgeable about a subject. Plot never trumps their expertise. See also, Prometheus.
  • Shoehorning plot into dialogue can be problematic.
  • Plot can be as complicated as I like, but at the end of the day, if I can’t understand it without an Ouija board and a flow-diagram, I need to simplify.
  • Two characters may know the backstory, but they shouldn’t explain it to each other.
  • Don’t labour the point; rewrite so it’s simple and clear.
  • Simple wins.
  • Did I mention about backing up?
  • Don’t oversimile; it’s as messy as a walrus who’s eaten a bad seal.
  • Conflict is good; melodrama is not. Telling the difference between the two may require downing tools and picking up at a later date.
  • Super-Characters (A.K.A. people who walk through the world without difficulty and who can catch bullets in their teeth) are boring. Think Indiana Jones and Ellen Ripley, not Superman.
  • Enjoyment comes from writing for me first, and if others like it, that’s great and may mean I get to eat this week.
  • Men are not superior to women.
  • Skin tone doesn’t matter.
  • Characters develop over time, so don’t just yank them out immediately.
  • If a character is in the story, it has to be for a plot related reason, not because it seemed like a good idea.
  • Reverse tropes wherever possible. Men are not manly; women are not feminine, people who are not lily white are not the enemy. Everyone’s people.


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