Moving pangs

I’m sitting here in my box-filled loungeroom at home, waiting for the water to cool in the kettle for a hot water bottle.

A move is happening – 18 days to a new home. Initial excitement has given way to melancholy; I’ve lived in this lovely old thing for nearly 4 years; a tenth of my lifetime in these walls. Three cats, three housemates, good times and bad within this home in Fitzroy North.

I feel a bit like I’m losing an old friend; slowly slipping from my grasp. I blame rising rent and a lack of light, but really, is that enough to part ways? It has been the first stable home I’ve known in over 10 years of moving here-and-there. To put another slant on it, I feel like I’m losing my Tardis.

But the deed is done. I’ve handed in notice, am packing boxes, signed a lease on a new light-filled-lower-rent home in Thornbury and it’s just a waiting and packing game now.

Feeling into the sadness, I find emotions aplenty; regret, loss to name but two. Will the soul of this lovely home miss me I wonder?

Author: gotheek

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  1. I’m moving this month. Coincidentally that will also put me at the four year mark for this home. I feel mostly good and excited about a new place, but moving itself is a tiring and emotional process. I think I’ll be okay once I’m there, but until then how I feel about moving varies from day to day (or sometimes hour to hour.

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