Murdoch, oh dear

Rupert Murdoch wants us to pay for content…

The interwebs are all about free content. It’s what the whole ecosystem is based on.

And Murdoch papers aren’t exactly devoid of advertising are they?

Same as everyone else (banks anyone?), Rupert Murdoch wants a second bite of the cake. But all that will occur is people will go elsewhere for their news.

Which is what many do anyway — I look at the Melbourne Age, The Guardian and The Times. And I research things through google. It’s a good way to confirm if something that’s reported is real, rather than concocted.

The same as the recording industry, the old-school of business doesn’t get the web, and the concept of free content, which encourages the purchase of their products.

And their attempts to enforce their outdated selling models is just the thrashing of dinosaurs slipping slowly into the tarpits.


Seems I’m not alone in thinking Rupe has slipped into early mental retirement. This comment is one of the funniest

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  1. “Rupert Murdoch said quality journalism is not cheap and so he intends to charge for all his websites.”

    Perhaps he should start providing quality journalism first… 😀

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