My absence from social media

facebook-dislike-button-blueA couple of weeks ago I stopped using social media (I’m looking at you, Facebook) to pour out my heart and share “stuff that I thought was cool”.

While I log-in and lurk perhaps once a day, The Book is not actually missed. Indeed, my lurking is getting more and more surreal to me. I feel sometimes like I’m looking at joke facebook posts, you know the ones: someone makes an inane comment and others post “yeah, cool” or “damn that sux” or something like that.

I’m now reaching a point where I’d just as soon shut it down. What’s stopping me is that a personal profile is the only way to manage a community page I help run with the fabulous boigrrlwonder.

I’ve a plan which involves creating a profile for my biz and linking them up, but that’ll have to wait another week until I get my essays out of the way. I haz prioriteez.

Returning, however, to the sense of disconnection from “community” that I now have: it’s an odd feeling to need to avoid social media rather than, as I was about a month ago, constantly on it. I’ve completely lost interest. This points on a personal level to finding myself more centred and less likely to need personal confirmation from others. I’d call it a win if this continues to be true.


And yes, I’m aware that there is irony in posting this automagically to social media; phrases such as ‘Pot kettle black ‘and ‘thou doth protest too much’ do come to mind. It could be that personal ramblings on the blog get nuked too. But you’ll only know if you keep visiting! :p

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