Not the messiah

Christmas is over. All the rush of energy, hard work and all the rest of those adjectives have culminated in several days of…

I spent time with…

Here’s the thing. I’m a bit uncomfortable about blogging intricate details about a relationship that is slowly growing, so I have to stick with generalities.

Our relationship is being taken with careful steps forwards, with long chats about where we are as people and how we feel about one-another. It started mostly as email which began to suck royally as the written word is useless sometimes for communicating the emotions you feel. We still chat through SMS, but email now seems confusing and a bad idea. I slipped up on Thursday (23rd dec) but on reflection and a chat while walking, we sorted it out.

She asked me yesterday what I needed, and the one word that summed everything up was this:


It’s at the core; love has to be honestly felt, feeling has to be communicated honestly, mistakes and responsibilities have to be honestly taken-on, needs have to be communicated honestly.

Trust, most of all, has to be honestly felt. Without trust there is jealousy, pain and suffering. And I’m done with them.

There was a moment yesterday when I thought we’d hit a stumbling block: we both reacted, we both needed moments alone.  We both — I think — were communicating how we felt about each other, how frightening it was to be in this place; the potential for pain is high when you have real, deep feelings for someone else.

And then we came back with honesty. Then we explained why we reacted. There was a misunderstanding which was explained and things fell into place.

She’s a Taurus. I’m a Capricorn with a lot of Scorpio. The coincidences have stacked up and we’re both here, walking this path. And if we’re careful with each others feelings and needs, it will work.

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