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mailHere at gotheek.com, we have a crack-team of email answerers waiting to process your message and answer in the snarkiest way possible.

Here’s a few of the more amusing ones we’ve received in the last month.

Mr Rubel of Unknown Spamming Company writes (among other things):

Please check our website: http://www.skyviewclippingpath.com With due respect that we would like to inform you that we are image processing,multimedia and graphics design outsourcing company based in Dhaka,Bangladesh.

To which we replied:

Dear Mr. Rubel,

Please see our post categories marked spam, found at this URL.

We believe you’ll get all your answers there.


Francis is very annoyed with Rick’s photo-finishing services, which he writes about below:

A known spammer who is constantly spamming people and emails about their retouching service.

He certainly is!

I was a bit shocked to find out it is being listed on your site. I would like to know if you know about the constant spammer and that he is advertising on your site

The page is http://www.gotheek.com/ricks-photo-retouching-services-photo-cut-out I have about nearly 90 emails from this idiot about his retouching service emails.

We also receive endless emails from this vomitous miscreant and are taking action in our own special way.

He uses a generic email with every email he sends but always asks you to contact him at contactedit@126.com, imagecontact@126.com and contactrick@126.com to name but a few. For me I just don’t get how you could allow this spammer space on your site unless you did not know about it.

It’s very simple Francis. We’re taking the piss.

We have constantly asked him to stop contacting us but he continues.

You’re making several assumptions:

  • First, that Rick is a real person and not an automated bot (a computer programme which sends emails);
  • Second that by sending an email to someone who is ignoring your attempts to stop the emails that you will have any luck whatsoever;
  • Third that anyone will actually hear you and not just harvest your email address and sell it on with a bazillion other emails that have been harvested in exactly the same way!

Trying to converse with spam senders is like trying to get a word in edgewise with a religious fundamentalist. They don’t believe in you. They do believe in your email address and making money by selling it on to third parties.

These are the idiots that make the internet an unpleasant place at times they spam things like retouching and then you get them on casinos, drugs, porn child pornography I would appreciate your comments on this matter as I am now taking action against this idiot.

See above. The only action that will do the slightest good will be to make your SPAM filters better.

I’m sure if you we independent from this person you would not have any dealings with him if you knew the truth. Regards Francis

Thanks for your message, Francis!


Finally, Albert at rhinomart writes:

I kinda like you. Do you offer seo services?


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