Proposal for Web development and Design


From: Steven Bolson <>


Hope you are well.

I’m fine apart from being freaking freezing here at home. Having an apartment that is cool in summer has backfired magnificently on me.

I just wanted to check if you had received my last mails sent.

Oddly enough I had.

Haven’t heard back from you, just wondering if you are interested in our services.

No you haven’t heard back. That’s because you sent unsolicited email to one of my addresses. I don’t respond to SPAM unless I can get a snarky laugh out of it. Like now.

Do let me know if you are interested and I would be sharing you more details about our past work details and price list.

Well, if you want to pay me for wasting my time then that’s fine. However, if I’ve got to put time and effort in, then probably not.

I look forward to your reply.

Even if it’s silence or a rude gesture?

Kinds Regards

Steven Bolson

Steve, I wonder if you’re aware your domain name (below) throws a 403 forbidden error? It would appear your Apache web server doesn’t like the path (which is the root by the way). You can read more about 403 errors on the Wikipedia page. There’s also some information at on the 403 error you’re suffering.

(Business Development Manager)
Email ID: –
Development Center: Delhi-NCR (INDIA)

You know, having a 403 error doesn’t fill me with confidence in your company’s skills in web design. An accessible, available website is surely the best indicator that you have a clue, FYI.

Disclaimer: P.S. This is an advertisement and a promotional mail strictly on the guidelines of CAN-SPAM act of 2003. We have clearly mentioned the source mail-id of this mail, also clearly mentioned the subject lines and they are in no way misleading in any form. We have found your mail address through our own efforts on the web search and not through any illegal way. If you find this mail unsolicited, please reply with “Remove” in the subject line and we will take care that you do not receive any further promotional mail.

Kinda got that it was an advertisement. The chances that the CAN-SPAM act actually applies is moot as it’s a United States statute, not applicable anywhere else on the planet.

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