Pyrex Percolators

Somewhat off the topic of SPAM today, I have to report the find of the year (other than the coffee grinder from yesterday).

The pyrex percolator in its natural environment
After the water has boiled and starts dripping on the contents of the tray…

The way it works is this:

First, there’s a tray on the inside which you put the drink makings (its intended for coffee, but I’m making chai). This is held up on the top of a spout which has a wide base sitting on the bottom of the pot.

Second, there’s the water in the bottom, which as it boils goes up the spout, bounces off the big lid and rains down on the drink makings.

Now the clever bit. The tray the drink makings are on has holes in it. The liquid seeps through the makings, picking up colour and flavour, then out the bottom. Then it drips into the water in the pot and goes around again.

It’s certainly not a fast process, but it’s quite fun to watch the bubbles of water going up the spout.

The image below is the percolator in pieces:

Pieces of percolator

Interestingly, I’ve realised there is a piece missing on mine. On the original percolator, there is a top for the drink makings holder. Mine doesn’t have it. Presumably this helps distribute the water better over the makings.

Didn’t seem to be an issue on my dry-run though. Wet run. Whatever.

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