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fresh meatfrom: lisa <lisa@topseoservices.biz>


Hope you are doing great please accept our best wishes for the day.

Are you buttering me up?

I am lisa, Marketing Manager with a reputed online marketing company.

Hey Lisa. Small world. Seems you’re going to start going on about SEO.

We are trusted partner for Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and outsourcing services.

“We are A trusted partner”. Get your English right if you’re writing to me in it. And trusted by whom?

We are glad to demonstrate that we have the capabilities, people, processes, technology and the desire to be strategic. In short, we understand your business needs.

How are you going to demonstrate them? In the big top at the circus? And as for my business needs, you need to engage in dialogue with me to understand them. Businesses have common aspects, but if everyone advertises exactly the same, there’s no SEO benefit at all. The objective of SEO and any business is to stand out and be the one people pay. If you’re just the same as everyone else then there’s no point now is there?

Our principles on which we base our work:

•Ethical processes and white hat techniques

That would be a first.

•Agency or client oriented approach in our process


•Ready to sign NDAs (Non-Disclosure Agreement)

Yes, I expect you are. The NDA would involve me not disclosing that you’re a bunch of spammers for a start.

•White label for client re-selling and re-branding

Johnny Walker anyone? Seriously, what does this mean?

•Facility to provide effective Online Project Management tracking tools

Any particular ones, or are you just saying this to sound professional?

•Frequent reporting with required formats and information

Hmmm, if you’re reporting required information, that could mean you’re just telling me what I want to hear (which would be “no icebergs ahead” for example!)

•Timely and smooth communication

Such as this email. Which really is SPAM by the way.

SPAM is defined by a number of different online and offline sources, but the simplest is that it is unsolicited email. I didn’t ask for this, I haven’t listed my email with anyone who does SPAMming, and so you’ve most likely got this from a SPAM harvester, which is somewhat black hat if I’m to be totally honest.

Specializing in the field of SEO, We are entitled to provide best Search Engine Optimization services at very affordable rates comparing the market.

You are entitled to provide them, certainly, just as I’m entitled to say “no thanks”. Your grasp of English isn’t really filling me with enthusiasm; readability is one of the central ideas of Search Engine Optimisation (SEO). The objective is to make a website visit easy and attractive to a potential customer. Your grasp of English is verging toward the bad end of the spectrum unfortunately and misuse of words is likely to be picked-up by Google’s rather intelligent bots and algorithms.

Still, our major concern is to provide best and valuable results with our services. We will analyze your website and customize SEO proposal with plan and activities, which will be implemented on your website

You can’t provide results unfortunately, unless you’re sending visitors to a website deliberately (which is black-hat SEO again). Results arrive because the website has information which is valuable, that gets to the point quickly and simply, and has a bunch of other features such as internal links, readability and accurate grammar. You could do much worse than to read Google’s PDF on SEO for beginners found here!

The issues I’ve so-far highlighted, aren’t filling me with enthusiasm for your services I’m afraid.

We look forward to discussing this proposal with you and commencing a mutually beneficial and long-term relationship.

Come back when your English has improved and I’ll try not to be too cruel.

Thanks & Best Regards
Business Development Manager

For which business particularly?

Back to the email then!

The message came from lisa@topseoservices.biz

Easywhois gives me this information about the registrant of the website domain name.

Registrant Name: Ajay Kumar
Registrant Address1: 134,2nd Floor, Sarpanch Ka Bara
Registrant City: Delhi
Registrant State/Province: Delhi
Registrant Postal Code: 110092
Registrant Country: India
Registrant Country Code: IN
Registrant Phone Number: +1.204002933

I can’t actually say this is unexpected. I’ve absolutely nothing against Indian people; love the food, never been threatened by one so it’s all good there. Oh, and I have a great respect for the people who created Chai. However, the amount of SPAM coming from the subcontinent is mind-boggling.

Interestingly though, Google Maps doesn’t recognise this as an address. This news does not fill me with enthusiasm.

So how about a google search on the address. This gives me a potentially unrelated business called “Yaaden Consultancy Services Limited”. No common names there either.

So a quick visit to the site then. This gives me a plain WordPress website (they’re very good aren’t they!) with no content whatsoever. Seriously? You’re trying to sell me SEO services and haven’t even got a website to prove you can do it?

Note:- We are not spammer. We found your email through manually efforts. We are sorry if you get email 2 or 3 times. You can simply reply with “remove” so we will delete your email from our list. Thanks again.

If I get the mail 2 or 3 times (especially to different email addresses) it pretty much seals the deal that you are SPAMMers.

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