Rather happier

I’ve had near endless problems with the wireless modem I got from Vodafone last year. The reception was crap, the thing would drop-out, it died on at least four occasions, terminally last week.


I called them and tried to explain that I’d done everything they usually told me to do, including trying the modem in a second machine, with a different cable, uninstalling and reinstalling the software, spinning three times on my head and barking at the moon, all to no avail.


I was instructed on Friday to go to the vodafone website and to a particular page to download new software.


I said again that there was a problem with that: no modem, no net.


The gent on the other end was — as usual — perplexed; the same as happened when I said I didn’t have a PC or an unlocked mobile so I could get the online billing system activated (once when I mentioned it last year, and again this year: how hard is it to get this working for a Mac? I’m not asking them to split the fucking atom here!).


I got a net connection in Soulfood cafe in Smith street on Saturday, after breakky with the Jaimes, and during my Saturday morning writing-with-tea-and-cake extravaganza.




No deal: the hardware was definitely knackered.


A call yesterday revealed that they don’t fix these things — unsurprising in this throwaway culture — and that I should try getting a replacement SIM card for the thing, which was another option.


A replacement SIM this afternoon failed to sort the problem, and after ten minutes of fiddling, testing the USB ports and cables, my initial supposition was confirmed. The modem was kaput.


Now came the event that made me — as the title says — rather happier: I was sent to another nearby store for a replacement.

Yesterday on the phone I was told that these things had only a 1 year warranty, and that I was 2 months over. No problem, they said, just pay $129 for a new one, you get a 2GB account and you’re sorted.

The gent in the store said they had a 2 year replacement when he sent me to the other store and after the lady at the other end had pointed out that I was 2 months out on the warranty, I mentioned this to her.

I’m now convinced this is code for ‘this lady’s had endless trouble and is a pain in the arse; just look at her account: it’s got complaints and discussions going back a year now – just replace the modem, they cost us $2.50 anyway’.

Her expression changed quite suddenly and she dashed to the back and retrieved a new modem for me:

And I’m using it now. So W00t for me.

Author: gotheek

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